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Clínica Doutor Pinto Coelho

There is no doubt that we must care for our health before treating an illness.
It is possible to preserve and strengthen our biological equipment, which has ten trillion cells, if we provide it with all the necessary and essential nutrients.
We know that cells have a limited lifetime and that they regenerate themselves automatically and periodically. We age and fall ill because there are disparities and needs that keep cells from completely regenerating themselves.
Everyone can and should correct these situations.
By bridging the gap between the latest scientific research findings and the conventional medical practice, we can revolutionise our health care by developing new prevention and treatment strategies (both complementary and natural, whenever possible). These will allow us to prevent, appease or even cure serious matters, such as certain autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, among others.
Based on the latest – and proper – scientific literature, along with the author’s extensive clinical practice, this book provides new information regarding the latest intervention strategies associated with the prevention and treatment of illnesses, aiming to assist the reader in managing their own health.
It is possible to age healthily and to feel better as we grow older.